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In the Software section we will start by installing some software on your local PC that will be necessary to set up the Raspberry Pi, work with Python scripts in a remote development environment via SSH in VS Code and stream the video output from the OAK camera to your local PC via X11 forwarding.

In the Raspberry Pi Setup, we will configure all important settings of the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and change some options, e.g. to reduce energy consumption. After that we will configure the PiJuice Zero pHAT for precise power management and install all necessary packages to work with the OAK-1 camera in our Python scripts.

All Python scripts for testing and deploying the camera trap can be found in the Programming section, together with details and tips for adapting the code to your use case.

VS Code Raspberry Pi SSH X11 window

After following the Software instructions, you can use the RPi - OAK-1 combination for easy development in VS Code via SSH