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In this first main section, you will find detailed instructions on how to build your own weatherproof and solar-powered camera trap with automated real-time insect detection and tracking. In the components section, all required parts are listed, including example product links. You will also need some tools and equipment, which are shown in the overview section of the building instructions. If you don't own these tools yourself, you could lend them from someone or go to your local Fablab/Makerspace, where all required tools should be available.

We will start with preparing the enclosure, where all of the electronic parts will be mounted inside to protect them from weather and humidity. In the next step, we are going to integrate the hardware into the enclosure. For the Full Setup, we will prepare everything for mounting the camera trap and the flower platform in the last section. If you are going for the Minimal Setup, you can skip this step and use your own mounting option.


Every effort has been made to check the instructions for accuracy and completeness. However, the author cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. The readers remain responsible for their safety when using the tools, hardware and software described in the instructions for building and deploying the Insect Detect camera trap. The readers must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the deployment of the camera trap system including the associated software and deep learning models. The author of these instructions cannot be held responsible for the results of action, inaction, or otherwise taken as a consequence of the information provided in the instructions. All products, brands and product links to any online shops are mentioned for illustration purposes only and do not denote a commercial relationship between the author and the products/brands/shops.

Insect Detect assembled camera trap

Fully assembled Insect Detect camera trap system after following the provided instructions

Insect Detect hardware schematic

Hardware schematic to illustrate connections between components